December Dividend Breakdown

Man was this post way overdue or what? I’ll be honest, while I have not been very active in my blogging these past couple months, I assure you I was not sitting idle. During the month of November, my employer agreed to pay for an industry standard certification in which I decided to buckle down and study for. Two months later and I can say with great joy I am now certified. Having just recently passed the exam, I am hoping this will contribute to my salary increase come next review period.

Anyway, enough about me and my excuses, let’s get down to what we all came here to see.

Let’s see those dividends!  What say you?

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November Dividend Breakdown

Brrrrrrr….. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it sure is getting nice and cold out there. As the year draws to an end, it comes time to start taking accountability of one’s goals that were determined in the beginning of the year. While I have been making tremendous headway in certain aspects, I will admit that I have fallen short on several. While its always easier to blame external circumstances for one’s lack of achievements. I will admit there have been major changes in my life that have required considerable time in which to adapt. However, I am using this coming year to accomplish all the goals I fell behind on, and hopefully so much more.

The one goal that I have been crushing this year is my investing goals. Not only have I been managing to meet my minimum investing monthly amount, but I have actually exceeded that amount by a considerable chunk of change.This is something of a blessing. One I can only express gratitude towards, and hope to continue.

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0-100k in less than 2.5

Man, it felt just like yesterday. I remember discussing with my father my interest in investing in Apple after he had educated me and directed my attention towards stocks. I remember sitting on my first $10,000, pondering all the amazing things I could buy with that kind of cash. Thoughts of down payments for a new flashy car, thoughts of new designer clothes, even a new laptop to replace my less than 2-year-old model at the time.

Yes sir that was me. I have to admit I’ve come a long way since than! There was a time when money and I were worst enemies. Every time I came into contact with it, I had to separate myself as far away from it by indulging in materialistic things. However, since learning about FIRE and the powers of passive income, I cannot seem to ever stop thinking let alone fantasizing about it.

Alas, that fantasy and constant desire to attain financial freedom is finally beginning to pay off. Today I can happily announce that the wife and I have managed to increase our net worth by 1000%. And we did it in less than 2.5 years!

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How to increase your annual salary

It has finally happened. Another year has come and gone. And while I would like to think I worked my butt off. There are several categories in which I still need to get a better handle on. For one, my daily reading has been slipping and so has my side-hustling. However, I was able to increase my annual salary, allowing me a raise I can celebrate. This increase will help tremendously in helping me reach my $100k yearly goal.

If you read the about me section on this blog. You would have read how disheartened I was over last year’s 2% raise. Especially when I thought I was outworking my peers. However, the company thought otherwise, and I left that meeting very devastated. Alas, I am back again! And this time I am proud to announce that this year it was different. Not only because I earned a much higher percentage increase. But because I learnt that I alone am responsible for the raise and pay I want. While you are not guaranteed the exact amount in which you want. Come raise period, all your hard-work and diligence will have paid off; You will not be disappointed my friend.

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October Dividend Breakdown

And so flies by another month. This is becoming ridiculous! It seems that just as quickly as the months begin, we find ourselves even quicker at the end! And with any month end comes my anticipated dividend recap. I like these as it allows one to see the actual effects of compounding and how it plays such a prevalent role in increasing one’s wealth. If I do not add a single dollar to my accounts this next year, I will walk away with nearly $4,000 in dividend income. And without even having to lift a finger. I view this $4,000 as income that I choose to automatically re-invest. This way the portfolio can continue to compound, and our forward dividend income can continue to grow exponentially.

Another aspect in why I have come to enjoy doing these monthly dividend recaps is so that I can visualize my YOY increase. Not only does his boosts moral, but I find newly acquired inspiration and determination to keep on going. Once you see the money coming in, you cannot help but want to continue to grow that small sum into something much larger.

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