August Dividend Breakdown

Another Month has successfully passed me by, and with any passing month comes several dividend checks re-invested into my investment account. Lately I’ve been wondering how much the effects of compounding have truly had on my portfolio. So for the fun of it went back to my very first year of investing and began to compare my first few dividend payouts to the ones that I am receiving today. I will be honest, while the difference isn’t major in anyway, it is still fascinating watching my monthly dividends increase with little to no work required at all.

So, without any further hesitation. I give you my August Dividend breakdown.

*The Money Market interest payment has been modified to conceal sensitive information.

This month’s dividend income came in at $140.17 that’s not too bad considering last months was a little less interesting. Majority of it came from my APPL stock which I have been proudly holding since June of 2016. Aside from the nice steady increase in dividends, this company has provided me with over 100% capital appreciation. Talk about finding joy in investing, especially when your first investment is a 2 bagger.

The second Dividend received was from T. AT&T has been taking a beating as of recent and its no surprise as to why. While the market has its hesitations and fears pertaining to this aristocrat, I am hoping to load up as much as possible at its current value. My dividend from T is expected to increase significantly next payout date due to having increased position in this company.

The last payout received came from SIRI. I Don’t even know where to start there. This was purchased on a hunch early last year when Pandora was making major moves. I believed that this company would take over the radio game and sooner or later all vehicles would come fitted with Sirius XM from factory. Fast forward a year later and this stock has provided me with 25% capital appreciation and a consistent dividend.

So, how has my same month dividend payout increased since the inception of my portfolio?

Well let’s find out.

August 2016


This was my very first dividend ever received. One thing to note here, there was no DRIP enabled at this point. Regardless, it came in at a pleasant $57.00. This was when my initial interest in investing was discovered. Logging in everyday to watch my net-worth increase in value only motivated and encouraged me to want to invest more and more.

August 2017

Same time following year dividends were received and it was almost $7.00 more; That’s crazy! The most miraculous part in all of this is that I never even had to lift a finger. 2016 to 2017 provided me with an 11.5% increase, while 2017 to 2018 provided me with a 120.67% increase. However, 2016 to 2018 comes in at an astonishing 145.91% increase in dividends. Amazing what the power of compounding can do.

Let me know in the comments below what you all received in dividends during this past month.

Keep that switch to DRIP, and lets continue working towards a lavish life.As Always, please drop your comments in the section below, they are always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “August Dividend Breakdown”

    1. Thank you for the kind and inspiring words Doug. And thank you for taking the time to stop by! Yes, that’s the plan. Reinvest until I can pay my monthly expenses with the divvy income. But plans might change when it’s time to cross that bridge.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lanny. Yes they do help in comparing YOY results, and in making things easy for viewers. I’m loving my APPL shares right now. I’m hoping this company will continue to increase their dividend while meeting their customers expectations.
      I will be stopping by to check out your received August dividends.

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